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Best gift ideas for every surfer

Finding the perfect present for the wave rider in your life can be daunting, but don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with our list of top gift ideas that any surfer will appreciate. From surfline premium subscriptions to wax accessories and sunscreen, there’s something for everyone on this list. So, let’s dive in!

Surfline premium subscription: a gift that keeps on giving

A Surfline premium subscription is like having a personal surf coach. With unlimited access to HD surf cams, expert forecasts, and personalized alerts, your favorite surfer can find the best swell conditions in real-time. Plus, they’ll also get exclusive access to long-range forecasts and ad-free browsing.

Our surf accessories

Surf ponchos

Imagine: a large soft cape sheet that throws itself over the head and serves as a mobile changing cabin. No more incongruous contortions in the back of the car or towels slipping when they really shouldn’t.

But that’s not all ! Not only does our surf ponchos preserve modesty, but it is also super comfortable. Coming out of the water, with the cool wind tickling you, the poncho provides welcome warmth. It’s like wrapping yourself in a cozy cloud after a demanding session.

And for those who think fashion and style (yes, even coming out of the water, the look matters!), know that the surf poncho comes in a multitude of colors and patterns. There is something for every taste. Something to assert your style while changing.

So if you’re looking for the perfect gift for that surfer pal, or just want to convert him to the religion of the poncho, look no further! The surf poncho is comfort, practicality and style, all rolled into one piece.

Surfboard socks

Surfboard socks… You know that thing that might look like a huge giant sock or a board sleeping bag? Well, it’s much more than that. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your surfer friend, let me tell you why this is THE gift for them.

First, let’s talk protection. A surfboard is like a baby to a surfer. It is precious, sometimes expensive, and it is the faithful companion of all its aquatic adventures. A scratch, a blow, or worse, a crack, and it’s quite a drama! The cover is like the knight in shining armor who protects the princess from dragons and ogres. It prevents scratches, shocks and even the harmful effects of the sun.

Wax and wax accessories: helping surfers stay sticky

Quality surf wax is essential for traction and grip during those long sessions on the waves. Gifting your favorite surfer a selection of different waxes or even a complete waxing kit can make all the difference.

Wax remover and storage containers

Keeping a surfboard clean and free from old wax is crucial for optimal performance. A wax remover and storage container set makes it easy for surfers to scrape off used wax and keep unused bars fresh for future sessions.

Wax comb and leash cord

A wax comb is a must-have accessory for every surfer. These handy tools allow them to maintain their board’s wax by scraping, roughing up, or smoothing the surface. Pair this with a durable surfboard leash cord – a crucial piece of safety equipment – and you’ve got an ideal gift combo.

Wetsuit glue and repair essentials

Wetsuits can take quite the beating from constant use and exposure to saltwater. Gifting wetsuit glue, patches, or a complete repair kit will help ensure your favorite surfer’s gear stays in tip-top condition.

Wetsuit cleaner and conditioner

To extend the life of their wetsuit, it’s essential that surfers keep it clean and free from bacteria. A wetsuit cleaner and conditioner specifically designed for neoprene helps maintain the suit’s elasticity and prolong its lifespan. We recommand the Rip Curl Piss Off.

You can also offer a special repair at our repair center : all-in wetsuit repair.

Wetsuit hanger or drying rack

Properly storing and drying a wetsuit is just as important as maintaining the surfboard itself. A wetsuit hanger or drying rack allows surfers to efficiently air-dry their suits, preventing mold and mildew while preserving the material’s integrity.

Sun protection: guarding against harmful rays

Surfers spend hours under the sun, exposing themselves to harmful UV radiation. Sunscreen specifically designed for water sports offers high-performance coverage, protecting their skin without washing away in the water.

Rashguards and hats

In addition to sunscreen, rashguards and hats provide another layer of sun protection. Rashguards come in various styles, including long-sleeve, short-sleeve, and tank-top designs. Meanwhile, a quality surf hat provides shade for the face and neck while staying securely on their head during wipeouts.

Books, movies, and magazines about surfing

Inspire your favorite surfer with tales of legendary waves, interviews with top athletes, or stunning photography from around the world. Books, documentaries, and subscription-based surf magazines make excellent gifts that can be enjoyed both in and out of the water.

Surfing lessons or coaching sessions

Whether they’re just starting or looking to advance their skills, surfers can always benefit from some extra coaching. Gift them a series of lessons or a personalized coaching session with a local surf instructor to help take their abilities to new heights.

Surf-inspired home decor and accessories

Bring the beach vibes indoors with unique, surf-inspired home decor and accessories. From wall art and throw pillows to candles and glassware, there’s no shortage of items that will remind your favorite surfer of their love for the ocean every day.

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