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Beach towels

Oh dear! You’re off to the beach and you’ve forgotten your towel? What a mistake! It’s like going skiing without a fleece, or sailing without a compass, it’s like… well… anyway.

A beach towel is much more than just a square of fabric. It’s your summer superhero, always ready to save you from all sorts of tricky, wet situations.

Just imagine… You emerge from the water, tickled by salt and sand clinging to your skin. Who’s there to dry you off and provide you with cosy comfort? Your trusty towel! It also protects you from the burning sand that seems intent on grilling your poor feet like sausages on a barbecue. And when the wind decides to blow a little too boldly, it transforms itself into the perfect beach blanket, always ready to wrap you in its warmth.

And wait, that’s not all! Your towel is also your ticket to a perfect moment of relaxation. Lie back, close your eyes and let the towel be your soft mattress on that heavenly beach.

So that’s why you simply can’t afford to forget your towel on your next beach outing. It’s your ally, your confidant, and so much more. So do yourself a favor and choose from our selection of trendy and comfortable beach towels. It’s summer, it’s beach time, it’s towel time!

Man checking a towel on the beach
Towel beside the pool

The summer sun is shining, the sea shines like a glittering mirror, and you’re ready to bask in this heavenly ambience. What’s missing from this idyllic picture? That’s where summer’s undisputed star comes in: the beach towel!

The loyal companion of your summer escapades, the beach towel is a true style icon. Lying majestically on the golden sands, it proclaims: “There’s my little piece of paradise! It comes in a multitude of bright colors and exotic patterns, allowing you to express your personality and add a touch of pizzazz to your day at the beach.

A book in hand, a cool drink by your side, stretched out on your towel… What better way to enjoy summer?

Our small models are ideal for intensive use and for taking with you wherever you go. Conversely, an XXL beach towel will be more complicated to carry and will quickly fill your beach bag. That said, you’ll be super-comfortable on the beach.
The difference in weight is hardly noticeable, but in quality it makes all the difference!
After your beach vacation, rinse your towel with clean water to remove salt, sand and any sunscreen that may have settled on it. For machine washing, opt for a delicate program at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees Celsius. Avoid fabric softener, which can make the towel less absorbent. If possible, let your towel dry naturally in the open air, preferably in the shade to preserve its bright colors. If you use a tumble dryer, choose a low setting to avoid damaging it. Store your towel in a dry, well-ventilated place. If it’s still damp, avoid folding and storing it to prevent mildew.
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