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All-in is moving towards a sustainable approach

The ocean, the forest, the mountains, the countryside… Nature offers us every day the possibility to practice our favorite outdoor sports: surfing, windsurfing, stand up paddle, kitesurfing, wake, running, swimming, etc… We love it! This proximity with our environment and the richness of our planet has given us a particular sensitivity for the preservation of our resources. We apply it daily in the development of our activity. So we take our seriousness for two minutes, the time to present you our ecological transition.

Concrete actions

At first we thought of becoming Minister of the Environment, or chaining ourselves to trees in the Amazon to avoid deforestation, but we finally found something better: taking concrete actions at our level and growing our brand in respect of our values and our environment.

Being eco-responsible is not a fad, but a long-term state of mind. Here is how we develop it.


The ecological transition is a key step in the development of our products. To what extent? If a product being created satisfies us technically but not ecologically, it will not see the light of day. We impose this rigor on ourselves to build a sustainable brand.


“A hundred times on the job, put your work back together. We get the message! We are not satisfied with our successes and always try to go further. We are always on the lookout for the latest advances in terms of eco-design, and we make the most of them, on our own scale, with actions that have immediate or longer-term results. To be a little greener every day!


There is no point in developing eco-responsible products if they are inaccessible. We work in favor of ecology and your savings by always offering you fair and accessible prices.



Reuse of all our boxes

Nothing is thrown away at ALL-IN! We have at heart to reuse each container and to extend its lifespan. Thus, the boxes in which we receive our merchandise are stored if they are in good condition, and they will be used again to ship our products. Approximately 4,000 boxes per year are thus saved from ending up in the garbage! An economical and ecological gesture, and a chance for our boxes to make beautiful trips.

We no longer use polybags

Do you know what polybags are? These plastic bags have been part of the textile industry landscape for years. Used to protect individual items during transport and storage, we didn’t like them. Between deliveries to retailers and products in our warehouse, we were seeing an astronomical amount of plastic that was not used and then systematically discarded, just at our small level. Imagine the volume on a global scale! In 2020, following this alarming observation, we decided to replace the polybags of the ponchos by polypropylene canvas bags which have 2 great advantages: being reusable for your shopping but also recyclable at the end of life for storage at home for example. For you: a nice ALL-IN bag delivered with your product. And for the planet: a huge amount of plastic less! At our level, this already represents 20,000 fewer polybags in this first year of transition. Our goal is to ban them on all our products by 2021.

Normes OEKO-TEX Standard 100 et Azo free

We closely monitor the quality and safety of our products. That’s why we only select raw materials that are STANDARD 100 certified by OEKO-TEX® and AZO-FREE.

– The OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certification, awarded by an independent organization, goes beyond national and international standards and guarantees you skin-friendly products.
– The AZO-FREE label assures you that the dyes used in our textiles are free of heavy metals and hazardous chemicals and therefore pose no risk to you or the environment.

We work with responsible manufacturers

Since the beginning of the ALL-IN adventure in 2012, we are proud to work with the same suppliers. Those we have selected for their qualities, both human and professional. We have established a real relationship of trust with these partners, ensuring a respect for the working conditions and the quality of the products, essential for our brand.

Discover the Salty Belt: a patented and eco-friendly product, manufactured in our workshop in Hossegor

The product that best illustrates our efforts to make an eco-friendly transition is our Salty Belt. We have designed it entirely to reduce its ecological impact as much as possible. It is handmade in France from an eco-responsible material: YULEX TM, a natural rubber with remarkable performance.

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