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Insulated bags

A picnic by the sea is a pure delight. However, when visiting the beach, the aim is not usually just to eat. Between swimming, surfing and sunbathing, it’s only when hunger strikes that you think about food! At this point, having an insulated beach bag becomes a necessity to preserve the freshness and flavor of meals and drinks. Under the influence of the sun, foodstuffs can quickly spoil if not properly protected. The same applies to beverages. Who hasn’t noticed the difference when sipping champagne that isn’t properly chilled?

We have a particularly convenient 23L model, ideal for a nice family snack or a romantic tête-à-tête. The insulated bag is made from insulating aluminum, a material renowned for its excellent ability to keep food cool.

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ALL-IN Insulated bag

If you think insulated bags are only good for carrying your sandwiches to lunch at the office, allow me to introduce you to our new 23-liter isothermal bag. Make no mistake about it, this is a real little marvel of technology that could well transform your weekend getaways, picnics at the beach (and elsewhere) or even your working days! Don’t forget your picnic blanket!

Have you ever been to the beach and realized with sadness that your cool drinks had become as hot as the sand beneath your feet? Or have you ever brought a gorgeous dish of homemade lasagne to a picnic, only to find it lukewarm and a little disappointing once you’ve found the perfect spot to set up? Well, I think it’s time to get to know our 23-liter insulated bag.

With its normal capacity, it has enough room for everything you want to take with you for a small gathering. Cold drinks, salads, sandwiches, fruit, cheese, maybe even a small bottle of champagne if you’re in the mood to celebrate. And with its insulating lining, everything will stay at the ideal temperature for a few hours.

And that’s not all. This bag is robust. It can withstand any adventure you might have. Whether you’re on a sunny beach or hiking in the mountains, our insulated bag is designed to last for years.

It also has an elegant, go-anywhere design (two designs available).

The isothermal capacity of the bag is generally a few hours. This, of course, depends on outdoor conditions.
You can add ice packs to keep your products fresh even longer.
We refresh the designs every 2 years on this product.
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