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Transform your blanket into a cozy hoodie

Looking for a fun and creative way to upcycle your old blankets? Why not turn them into stylish and comfortable hoodies? With just a few simple steps, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind blanket hoodie that’s perfect for snuggling up on the couch or wearing during those chilly evenings. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process so that even beginners can easily assemble their very own custom-made blanket hoodies.

Gather Your Materials

Before you can create your cozy blanket hoodie, you’ll need to gather the necessary supplies. Here are the essential materials you’ll need:

  • A large blanket: Choose a soft, warm material like fleece or flannel that suits your comfort preferences.
  • Scissors: A sharp pair of fabric scissors will be needed for cutting the blanket and sewing thread.
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread: To assemble your hoodie, you can either use a sewing machine or hand-stitch it together with a needle and thread.
  • Measuring tape or ruler: This tool will help ensure accurate measurements throughout the project.
  • Hoodie template: Use an existing hoodie as a pattern, or download and print a hoodie template online.
  • Pins or clips: These will be used to hold the fabric pieces in place while sewing.
  • Optional: Elastic band or drawstrings: If you’d like to adjust the fit around your waist or wrists, consider incorporating these materials.

Get Ready to Assemble Your Blanket Hoodie

Once you have all of your materials gathered, it’s time to start creating! Follow these easy steps to construct your very own unique blanket hoodie:

Step 1: Plan the Design

Take a moment to visualize the final result. Consider factors such as how long and wide you want the sleeves to be, if you prefer a pullover or zip-up style, and if there are any exterior features or embellishments you’d like to include (think pockets, drawstrings, or an embroidered design). This planning phase will make it easier to execute the project and ensure that you’re completely satisfied with your finished product.

Step 2: Measure and Cut Your Blanket

Lay your large blanket out on a flat surface and use your existing hoodie or printed template as a pattern. Carefully trace around the outline of each piece using chalk, fabric markers, or tailor’s tape for precision. Be sure to leave enough extra material along the edges for seam allowances. Using your sharp scissors, cut out each panel, including the body pieces, sleeves, hood, and optional pockets.

Step 3: Pin and Sew Your Hood Together

Place the two hood pieces right sides together, aligning the edges. Use pins or clips to hold them in place, and then sew along the back curve, leaving the bottom and lower edges open. Turn the hood right side out, and you now have the main component of your blanket hoodie assembled.

Construct the Sleeves and Body

sewing a blanket hoodie

Step 4: Attach Your Sleeves

You’ll need to sew your sleeve panels together before attaching them to the body of the hoodie. Line up the two pieces of each sleeve with the right sides together, and sew along the top and bottom edges, leaving the sides open for attachment to the main body.

Step 5: Connect the Shoulder Seams

Take your two body panels and lay them on a flat surface, right sides facing. Align the top shoulder sections and pin or clip them together, sewing securely across the upper seam. This will hold them in place as you continue working on the rest of the hoodie.

Join Everything Together

Step 6: Add Your Sleeves to the Main Body

It’s now time to connect your completed sleeves to the body of the hoodie. Working one side at a time, carefully align your sleeve openings with those of the body panel, making sure that the right sides are facing each other. Use pins or clips to secure the fabric in place, and then stitch along the entire opening to form a seamless connection. Repeat this process for the second sleeve.

Step 7: Sew Up the Sides

Starting from the cuffs of the sleeves and moving down toward the waistline, join the sides of your hoodie together by pinning or clipping the edges securely. Sew along the entire length of the body and sleeves, taking care not to catch any unwanted folds or pleats in the stitching. At this point, your blanket hoodie is nearly complete!

Add the Finishing Touches

Step 8: Attach the Hood

The final step in creating your cozy blanket hoodie is connecting the hood to the neckline. Place the hood’s open edge along the neckline of the main body piece, right sides touching, and evenly distribute the fabric while pinning or clipping it in place. Sew around the entire circumference to achieve a secure and professional finish. ToeingTypeName Top of Form Trim any loose threads and turn your hoodie right side out – you are now ready to enjoy cozy moments in your chic new creation!

As you can see, upcycling an old blanket into a stunning wearable piece is not only possible but also an enjoyable activity that encourages creativity and sustainable living. So why wait? Gather your materials and start creating your own one-of-a-kind blanket hoodie today. And if you don’t have the equipment to do so, feel free to shop ours !

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