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Discover the best surf spots in Oregon

The magnificent coastline of Oregon boasts some of the most picturesque and thrilling surf spots in the United States. With cool breezy winds, awe-inspiring natural scenery, and an array of challenging waves, surfers can’t help but flock to this Pacific Northwest surfing paradise. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore Oregon’s top surf spots for both beginners and advanced riders alike.

Short Sands Beach: The Family-Friendly Surf Spot

Located within Oswald West State Park, Short Sands Beach is a popular destination for families and beginner surfers. The gentle sloping sandbar offers a variety of soft rolling waves, perfect for those just starting out in the sport. Additionally, the sheltered cove provides protection from strong gusts, resulting in more consistent and forgiving conditions.

Getting There

Access to Short Sands Beach requires a brief hike through pristine old-growth forest from the main parking lot at the park. Follow the well-marked trail for approximately 0.5 miles until you reach the secluded cove and its pristine surf.

Otter Rock: Ideal Conditions for Intermediate Surfers

Further down the coast lie breathtaking views and moderate surfing opportunities at Otter Rock. Also known as Devil’s Punchbowl, this spot is nestled between Depoe Bay and Newport within a marine reserve. Waves here are typically waist to shoulder high, offering ample challenge for intermediate surfers looking to expand their skills.

Surfing Etiquette at Otter Rock

While catching basalt reef breaks at Otter Rock, it’s essential to be cautious not only of fellow surfers, but also the local marine life. The area is home to sea lions and other creatures, so maintaining respect for the environment is paramount. Before paddling out, ensure you’re familiar with basic surfing etiquette to prevent any unwanted encounters.

Seaside Cove: The Hub of Oregon’s Surfing Scene

Seaside Cove may be one of the state’s busiest surf spots, but don’t let that deter you from visiting this iconic break. Home to various regional championships in recent years, Seaside Cove has something for everyone. With its eastern exposure, persistent sea swell, and a choice between softer beach breaks and more challenging reef waves, it caters to a wide variety of skill levels.

Facilities at Seaside Cove

Besides excellent surfing conditions, the cove also offers plenty of facilities for both locals and visitors alike. Prepare for an entire day of surfing entertainment by taking advantage of the public restrooms, ample parking, and nearby equipment rentals available at this bustling surf hub.

Indian Beach: A Hidden Gem

If you fancy getting off the beaten track and discovering a quiet haven to ride the waves, Indian Beach might just be the perfect spot. Located within Ecola State Park, this rugged beach offers winding point breaks surrounded by dense forests and scenic hiking trails. Primarily suited to intermediate surfers, the slightly cooler water temperatures make it advisable to bring a thicker wetsuit when exploring this hidden gem.

Hiking and Surfing Adventures Await

Venturing beyond the main trailhead usually results in fewer crowds vying for the same waves. So if you’re up for a little trek before your surf session, hike down south along the beach or explore various paths through the forest to access quieter parts of Indian Beach.

Pacific City: A Pleasant and Rewarding Surf Experience

Set against the backdrop of picturesque Haystack Rock, Pacific City offers a delightful surfing experience for all to enjoy. The consistency of sandbar-generated waves combined with relatively warm water currents provides optimal conditions for surfers of all skill levels. This spot has gained in popularity over recent years, yet retains its charming village atmosphere.

Pacific City’s Beachfront Vibe

With fantastic local dining options, cozy accommodations, and breweries just steps away from the shoreline, Pacific City promises an unforgettable beachfront vibe after you’ve hung up your wetsuit for the day. So sit back, relax, and savor the laid-back atmosphere of this vibrant coastal community.

Oregon’s Best Kept Secret: Nelscott Reef

For the more daring and experienced surfers seeking big wave thrills, look no further than Nelscott Reef, Oregon’s best-kept secret. With waves reaching heights of 30 feet or more during winter months, the reef attracts top surfers from around the world who brave its powerful swells. Be aware that Nelscott is not recommended for inexperienced surfers due to its unpredictable undercurrents and possible hidden obstacles.

Tow-in Surfing at Nelscott Reef

Riding colossal waves at Nelscott typically requires a specialized technique called tow-in surfing. Surfers are pulled into the enormous wave by a jet ski or boat, then released and left to ride the gigantic swell. This high adrenaline approach to catching monumental breaks creates an unparalleled surf experience for those bold enough to try it.

In summary, Oregon’s coastline boasts a treasure trove of surf spots catering to adventure-seekers of all skill levels. From beginner-friendly beaches to challenging waves for advanced riders, there is something for everyone along this picturesque and exhilarating stretch of the Pacific Northwest coast.

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