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Cold Water Swimming: Essential Equipment for Coping with icy conditions

Attention all water sports enthusiasts! If you’d like to experience the invigorating sensation of cold-water swimming, this article is for you. Before you take the plunge – icy cold, that is – it’s vital to know what equipment you need for this extraordinary challenge.

Woman swiming on a cold water

Neoprene suit: the first line of defense

Swimming in cold waters requires, above all, adequate protection against the cold. Neoprene wetsuits are the Holy Grail of cold-water swimming. They are designed to retain body heat while allowing optimum mobility. Choose a wetsuit with a thickness of at least 3mm, and make sure it fits snugly around your body to prevent water from penetrating the suit.

Balaclava, Gloves and Neoprene Socks: The Holy Trinity

Let’s not forget these precious extremities. A balaclava, gloves and neoprene socks are an invaluable protection against hypothermia. They insulate the parts of the body most sensitive to the cold. After all, swimming with icicles for toes is no fun for anyone. Pay attention to the thickness of your gloves. The thicker the neoprene in the gloves, the more handicapped you’ll be and the less power you’ll have in your hands.

Swimming oils or greases: a little extra

Some special oils or greases for swimmers can be applied to the body before donning the wetsuit. They form an extra layer of insulation, helping to retain a little more body heat.

Swimming Goggles: Clarity in the Dark

Swimming goggles are essential. Cold waters can be quite dark and, unless you have exceptional vision, you’ll need swimming goggles. What’s more, your eyes can quickly become damaged without protection underwater. Make sure they fit properly and have polarized lenses for better visibility.

Safety equipment

When swimming at sea or in the ocean, it’s clearly advisable to wear a red buoy attached to your body, so that boats can see you in the water. It can also be handy for helicopters looking for you if you can’t make it to shore.

Swimming in cold water is a challenge, but with the right equipment, it can become an unforgettable adventure. So gear up, warm up and take the plunge!

Changing ponchos for the after-swim

There’s nothing like a changing poncho to snuggle up in after a cold-water session. We offer several levels of protection: classic terry, microfiber or super-warm storm ponchos. If you plan to swin on a very cold day, you must check out our changing robes.

Here is a list of some of our terry ponchos :

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